Please review the Crowd Control minimum requirements before proceeding with this step.


This function should only be used after you have finalized the product and collection details within Shopify. Cost and shipping details for reward products within a collection/survey should not be changed after creating surveys within Crowd Control.

Please contact Crowd Control support if you have created surveys in the app and need to edit product price and shipping values on Shopify.

Use the first dropdown menu to select the reward/backer group that you would like to create surveys for. The second dropdown menu is used to select the survey collection that was created in Shopify for this backer group. Reward items associated with this collection will become visible after this step.

Use the quantity box to specify how many of each product a backer in this group should receive. The product title for this item will automatically be added as the reward description that is sent to this backer group via Crowd Control notifications. You can edit the reward description as needed.

Click to review the above details then edit or create the survey accordingly.

Have reward exceptions (pledge overages)? Learn how to resolve unique backer pledges here.


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