A survey experience that differs from what is expected/desired can be the result of various settings. This article will help to diagnose such problems and provide recommendations for resolution.

Common topics:

Shipping settings and fees

Cart totals and gift card/discount values

Continue to payment button

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Shipping settings and fees

Shipping fees are influenced by various settings on a Shopify store. The details below will outline how these settings correspond with Crowd Control functionality and may explain an unexpected survey experience.

Troubleshooting incorrect shipping charges

Gift card-based surveys

The value of a gift card will include the cost of a flat-rate shipping fee or free shipping as it relates to the reward items when surveys were created. If a $10 flat-rate shipping fee is applicable to the survey cart store then Crowd Control includes $10 in a gift card's value to cover the cost of shipping. 

Real-time or carrier-calculated shipping fees will not be included in the value of a gift card. If backers do not need to be billed for shipping then gift card-based surveys should not be used.

Inconsistent shipping country

A difference in a gift card survey's value may occur if the shipping country used at checkout does not match what was used when creating the survey. 

Discount-based surveys

Surveys using a discount survey type either need to have an applicable free shipping rate or the expectation that backers will be paying for shipping. 

Shipping rates are different from Kickstarter/Indiegogo

Shipping rates that are shown at checkout and used to calculate survey values are defined by a store's shipping settings. Crowd Control cannot update these rates according to project data. In order to provide a payment-free checkout, Crowd Control must use Shopify's shipping settings.

No shipping method available

An applicable shipping rate or shipping zone must be present on Shopify for both the product (i.e. cost/weight) and all relevant destination countries. If a product's price or weight does not fit within the defined parameters of a store then no shipping method can be displayed at checkout. Similarly, if a customer/backer is trying to ship to a country that is not supported within the shipping settings for a store then now shipping method will be available.


  • The shipping zones for a store include USA and Canada.
  • Backer Tom's shipping address is in Europe.
  • Backer Tom will not be able to proceed beyond the shipping page at checkout because there is no applicable shipping method.

Cart totals and gift card/discount values

Are the cart totals seen at checkout different than expected? Read on for possible explanations and solutions.

Subtotals vs totals

Per Shopify functionality, discount and gift card codes are applied to a cart at slightly different times during checkout. A discount is applied to the subtotal of a cart (i.e. before taxes and shipping). A gift card is applied to the cart total after shipping and taxes. It is possible for the value of a gift card to appear as if it is incorrect when, in reality, it has not been completely applied to the cart (i.e. if the shipping service hasn't been selected).

Multiple gift cards are applied to cart

Backers are only sent one gift card code per survey. However, it is possible for multiple gift cards to be applied to a cart if multiple survey sessions have been opened on the same browser. Instances where this could occur would be when 1) previewing multiple surveys in the same browser/session without using the browser's incognito/private mode to view them or 2) a backer has opened multiple surveys from different emails (perhaps for a family member or friend).

Troubleshooting for unexpected survey credit

Proceed beyond shipping at checkout

The correct value for a survey may not be totally applied until proceeding beyond the shipping page at checkout, i.e. enter the shipping address and proceed to the next stage of checkout. Once there, check the accuracy of the cart total again.

Product quantities

Ensure that the product quantities in the cart are correct. If the quantities are not correct, confirm that the preview survey has been opened using a new incognito/private mode in the browser. Contact Crowd Control Support if the above are correct and the survey credit continues to be inaccurate.

Shipping zone

Ensure that the shipping country used at checkout is consistent with the shipping country used for creating the survey. The shipping credit of a survey is dependent on the original settings used to calculate it.

Continue to payment button

A button that says 'continue to payment' is shown on the shipping page during checkout by default on Shopify. Some Crowd Control users may worry that this may confuse or scare backers during the survey process since no payment is required unless purchasing add-ons. If wanted, the text of this button can be changed within the edit languages section of theme customizations to be more relevant. 

The following steps outline how to make this change:

  • Click online store on the Shopify admin.
  • Click actions for the active store theme.
  • Select edit languages.
  • Select checkout & systems at the top right of the page
  • Press cmd/ctrl + F on keyboard and search for Continue to payment method.
  • Edit text as desired (suggestion: Continue).
  • Click save at the top right of the page.