All surveys and backer notifications are created and delivered to backers via this page. You can view the status of reward groups within the survey/notification process of Crowd Control at this page at any time.

Survey notifications are initiated by you with automatic reminders being sent according to your specifications. We recommend sending notifications to a smaller backer group first to ensure there are no problems and to allow you to familiarize yourself with and prepare for any recurring questions. Sending all surveys at the same moment can be a little overwhelming for some projects.

An optional final reminder can also be sent from this page once all automatic reminders have been sent. Final reminders can be sent at any time and are only sent once.

Pledge exceptions (Kickstarter only) can be accessed from this page when applicable.


Survey notifications are not sent to all backers instantaneously. Notifications are first 'scheduled to send' and then roll out to backers in phases to help with customer management.