Converting rewards/perks to products

The items that your backers pledged for need to exist in some form on your store. It is possible to have rewards presented as individual product listings or a single product listing of bundled products on Shopify - it all depends on how you want/need to present things to backers.


Reward group 1: One Shirt

        - Create Product A called ' Shirt'

Reward group 2: One Shirt + One Hat

        - Use existing 'Shirt' product

        - Create Product B called 'Hat'

        - Alternative: Create Product C called 'Shirt + Hat'

See the variants section below for more tips on setting up rewards as products.

Rewards vs Add-ons

Products that are created as rewards should be labeled as ‘reward’ under Organization > Product type.

Items that are to be offered as add-ons should be created separately from reward products. An add-on specific product should be created Even if the item is identical to a reward. Reward and add-on products can share the same SKU.


The product name to be shown to your backers (customers)


Products displayed within the Crowd Control survey page only show a limited description by default. More description can be viewed by a backer clicking the "more details" link. Some simple coding can be used to control what text is shown to backers by default and what text is only shown in the "more details" pop-up.

While in code view, place <!--details--> above the description text that you would like to have displayed within the "more details" pop-up. Code view is accessed by clicking the < > button in the type right of the description editor.


All product images used within your Shopify store should utilize the same dimensions. Inconsistent image dimensions can dramatically alter the look and quality of your online store.

Products displayed within the Crowd Control survey page only show one image by default. Images will change when connected with a relevant variant. More images can be viewed by a backer clicking the "more details" link.


The prices used for items offered to backers can correlate with the prices shown on Kickstarter or reflect the regular costs of your products. Crowd Control operates using a quantity allotment specified by you for backers to ensure a backer gets the item they pledged for. Our system simply enables the backer to receive the item they paid for regardless of whether the item cost is identical to their pledge or not.


We recommend not charging taxes on products used as rewards.


SKU and inventory quantities are great tools for tracking and managing inventory for your online store. A SKU can be any code that is relevant to you for helping identify unique products. Any variation of an item should have a unique SKU and barcode (when required). 


A pair of shoes that is available in 10 sizes needs 10 SKUs. If a pair of shoes is available in 2 colors and 10 sizes, then you should use 20 unique SKUs.


Use ‘weight’ and ‘HS tariff code’ fields to automate your shipping and fulfillment. An HS tariff code is used for items imported into another country (i.e. an international order). This code is used by customs to determine any taxes that might be owed for the import.


Variants are used within Shopify to differentiate product variations such as size, color, or material. Product variants should have their own SKU and pricing, when applicable.

You can take advantage of variants to represent a reward that is multiple products.


Product/Reward: Two bags

Bag 1 (Variant A): Black, Tan

Bag 2 (Variant B): Black, Tan

Another method for this same scenario would be to create a unique product for Bag 1 and Bag 2. This strategy is recommended for more complicated variant structures or to better utilize existing SKU and UPC information. If a reward features multiple of the same product with no variants, then you can create a single product listing to bundle the reward items together.


The reward offered is a 3-pack of pens. The pens all come in the same size/color/etc. Create a product listing called “3-pack of pens” and set the cost and shipping weight as required by three pens.


Need more variant options? Check out Custom Product Options app in the Shopify App Store.