- Create a new project on Crowd Control for each crowdfunding campaign to better manage backers.

New projects can be created via the main dashboard for Crowd Control. The app dashboard is the default home page within Crowd Control and can be also be accessed via the Dashboard link in the main menu.

To create a new project, click “create new project” and follow the prompts.

The basics:

Project name (for admin use only) – used by you to distinguish your projects within Crowd Control.

Project name (as seen by backers in email correspondence) – this input is placed within the survey notifications sent to backers via Crowd Control.

Project type – choose Kickstarter or Indiegogo (Note: Kickstarter and Indiegogo data cannot be mixed within one project. If an Indiegogo InDemand campaign follows Kickstarter it must have its own project within Crowd Control.)

Start/end date – the start and end dates of your campaign on Kickstarter/Indiegogo

Project categories – the categories used to define your project on Kickstarter/Indiegogo


Crowd Control supports the management of multiple crowdfunding projects for the same store. Each new campaign should be designated as its own project within Crowd Control to optimize functionality and backer management.


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