Backer reports exported from Kickstarter/Indiegogo are imported into Crowd Control to create and manage surveys. 

Suggested timeline

To ensure surveys are not sent to backers that have not completed payment for a pledge, it is recommended to wait for at least 14-days after a crowdfunding campaign has ended before importing backer data. Only after payment has been initiated to a Creator will backer reports accurately reflect which backers have or have not paid.


Select the currency format used when crowdfunding. Please contact if your project's currency is not listed.


If a crowdfunding campaign's currency is not the same as the store's default currency then a currency conversion is required to ensure more accurate pledge values. A suggested conversion rate is provided based on market rates for that time. This rate can be manually updated to provide a more desired conversion if wanted (e.g. when rounding up or down may be more advantageous).

A warning will be shown if a manually updated conversion rate is dramatically higher/lower than is normally accepted.


Use the table to review the pledge data prior to completing the upload. If making a currency conversion, pledge totals in the original currency are shown for convenient comparison. 

If an error has been made then the import can be reset prior to upload.