Crowd Control is an advanced Shopify application developed to help successful Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns use their  Shopify store to:

  • Collect shipping and product details from backers.
  • Increase funding via the sale of additional items to backers.
  • Access the world's best solutions for customer and delivery management.

Crowd Control is not a fulfillment service.

Getting started (simplified checklist)

  • Import backer/campaign data into Crowd Control Pledge Manager
  • Review and confirm the accuracy of project data.
  • Create products on Shopify to match the items offered during your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Match the products on Shopify to those from your campaign data.
  • Customize survey notifications.
  • Review/edit Shopify collections created as a survey for each pledge/contribution level.
  • Customize the survey template.
  • Create discount or gift card codes to send to backers.
  • Send surveys.


Crowd Control charges $.25/backer processed through the application and a 5% commission for the purchase of add-ons made at the time of survey completion.

Per backer fees are billed to your Shopify monthly subscription.

5% fee is billed via Stripe.


A campaign with 1000 backers would pay $250 in backer fees. If that same project had $100k in funding, then had $10k in add-ons sales through Crowd Control, the add-on fees* would be $500 ($10k @ 5%).

Total Crowd Control fees = $750

*Store owners are responsible for applicable payment processing fees.