App basics

Relocate Address Editor allows customers to update the shipping address for unfulfilled orders. The ability for addresses to be changed can be enabled/disabled from the admin dashboard of the app. When enabled, customers can access the address editor from three possible locations. These locations are:


Order confirmation page (default)


Order details page (optional)


Order confirmation email (optional)



Optional features

Relocate Address Editor can be enabled and used immediately after installation. However, additional action may be required if wanting to use the following optional features:


Update message - A customizable message displayed to customers after they submit address changes. One potential use for this message would be to alert customers about processing times for an order. In other words, just because an order hasn’t shipped doesn’t mean that the address can be changed. Use of such an example would be dependent on the fulfillment process of the store.


Field options - This feature allows a store to specify which address fields are required/optional as well as lock (disable) certain fields from being changed by a customer. For example, locking the ability for a customer to change the shipping country may be necessary to avoid an increase in postage that has not been paid.


Integrations - If using a service other than Shopify for purchasing and printing postage then an integration may be required for address updates to sync with the service. Relocate Address Editor currently integrates with Shipstation. Please request a new integration now, if needed.