Surveys are delivered to backers using survey notifications sent from the surveys page of the app. Survey notifications are sent by pledge level and contain unique survey links for each backer of that pledge level. Notifications are not sent instantaneously and can take several minutes to send to all backers based on the total amount of backers in a pledge level.

Feature overview

Survey notifications can be sent to all backers within a pledge level at any time after notification designs have been customized and surveys have been created for the backer group. To send surveys, navigate to the surveys page of the app, find the desired pledge level in the table and click 'send notifications' in the actions column on the right. You will be prompted to confirm the action before notifications will be sent. A status of 'scheduled to send' will be displayed temporarily while the app prepares to send notifications to the pledge level.

Survey notifications are not sent to all backers of a pledge level instantaneously. A queueing process is used to help spread out the traffic to a store to avoid overwhelming floods of traffic. 

The timer used for automated reminder notifications for a pledge level begins once the initial survey notifications have been sent.