Send backers an update via Kickstarter/Indiegogo regarding survey details to aid backers with survey completion.

The following is a suggested script template that you can use to give backers useful information for completing their survey.


We’ll be using our online store as a survey to collect reward and shipping details. The following instructions can help guide you through the process.


- A survey notification will be sent to you [survey email address]

- Click the button that says ‘click here to start’

- Confirm your reward [quantities, style, color, etc]

- Shop our backer exclusive items (optional)

- Enter your shipping address

- Your pledge will be applied to your cart at checkout after you have entered your shipping address. Please reply to your survey email if you are asked for a payment method when not purchasing items exceeding your pledge. 

- Complete the order


Please add [survey email address, sender name] to your email contact list to ensure you receive your survey message. You should not share your survey link as it is specific to you and your pledge.