Crowd Control functions by distributing a store credit to backers to allow them to confirm their pledge reward details, purchase additional items, and provide their shipping address via your Shopify store. The goal is to seamlessly integrate into your online store, helping drive new sales for your business.

The store credit given to a backer is automatically applied to their cart at checkout when processed through our system (this store credit is defined as a gift card on Shopify). The store credit assigned to each backer is determined by the product value you select for them as well as the default shipping costs on your store associated with this product.


A hypothetical backer has pledged for one hat on Kickstarter. This hat has a $50 value on your store (this value may or may not match that of their pledge). As defined by you, Shopify charges $10 for shipping at checkout. The backer would be given a $60 store credit to ensure they pay nothing for the hat they pledged for.

Assuming the backer wants to purchase another hat and the shipping cost is unchanged, the backer would pay $50 via Shopify at checkout. If the shipping cost is different, the backer will be able to pay the difference at checkout (e.g. $15 shipping for two hats - $10 shipping credit = $5 owed for shipping).

Once a backer has completed checkout on your store, their pledge is essentially converted to an order on Shopify. Backers will receive order confirmations and shipment notifications as setup on Shopify. You can purchase postage and ship orders directly through Shopify or through another suitable third-party service.