• Crowd Control provides backers with a unique discount or gift card code that allows for a payment-free checkout through your store.
  • Discount or gift card survey code values are determined by the product and quantities specified by you within the app in addition to the associated shipping costs from your store.
  • Survey codes are delivered to backer emails via notifications that are customized and sent within the app. Automated reminders are sent to unresponsive backers.
  • Email notifications direct backers to a curated landing page (i.e. a Shopify collection) for the selection/confirmation of their pledge details; backers can select additional items for purchase from this page.
  • Survey landing pages use a specialized template installed on your store’s live theme and are customized via the theme’s customization settings.
  • Survey codes are automatically applied at checkout. Checkout totals exceeding the survey code value (i.e. add-ons) are payable through the store’s payment gateways.
  • After completing checkout, a backer’s product selection and shipping information become an order on your store for you to fulfill and manage at will.

Additional explanation


Crowd Control is a private Shopify app that was developed to replace the default survey methods of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Unlike other pledge manager solutions, Crowd Control surveys let you collect pledge specifics like product details and shipping addresses, capture add-on sales, deliver rewards, and manage your business all through your online store.


Crowd Control uses your store’s products, settings, and theme alongside our custom tools to facilitate the creation of orders on your store according to backer product selections and shipping details. The entire process is hosted on your Shopify store, giving you control of the backer experience and your business.


Creating surveys through the app provides backers with a unique discount or gift card survey code that is automatically applied to their cart during checkout on your store. Unless a backer is purchasing items exceeding their pledge, survey codes allow backers to complete checkout without the need for a traditional payment method.


Since backers use your store’s cart and checkout to complete their survey, their product and shipping details become an order in your store. Order and shipping confirmations are automatically sent to backers based on your store’s settings. Store’s can use default shipping features or utilize an extensive network of third-party services to deliver products to backers faster and cheaper.