The Crowd Control survey template is installed as part of your Shopify theme and customizable in the same way as your Shopify store theme. To begin, go to your Shopify dashboard and click Online store > Customize.

Once your theme customization dashboard has loaded, click Theme settings (1), then Crowd Control (2). You can also customize the Crowd Control Widget (3) page from here (this section is covered down the page).

From here you will have access to all the default customization options available through our template. Update colors, text, and images to make this page match the voice of your brand to grow backer confidence and increase sales.

You can view the default template with demo products after installation via Some template details are only displayed for someone's first visit to this page. As such, we recommend using your browser's incognito/private mode to view and confirm changes to this template.

We recommended that you create your product listings on Shopify before customizing this page.


A - When enabled, this function allows backers to click the 'confirm' button only once. While backers can only complete their Crowd Control survey once, they can technically return to the survey to submit a repeat purchase of their reward items. If enabled, this function hides the reward items from the backers that have already clicked 'confirm.' The features assumes that a backer will complete their survey on a single visit, but can cause a small problem if the backer clicks 'confirm' without completing the survey and needing to return at a later date.

B - Set the corner radius for all buttons on the survey page. A button corner radius of 0px would display right angles for all button corners. Increasing this value will make the corners more and more round.

Kickstarter pop-up

C - This page is the first thing backers see on your website, consider adding a relevant background image to make a good first impression. 

Kickstarter pop-up (continued)

D - When no background image is present the pop-up page background color will be displayed with decreased opacity.

E - The background color used for the welcome message pop-up

F -  Content for the welcome message pop-up can be edited here. This text can be used to thank backers, provide survey instructions, give delivery updates, etc. Basic HTML tags can be used to edit this text. 

G - This button must be clicked for backers to proceed past the pop-up screen.

H - Control the top/bottom spacing for the pop-up. This feature and others like it are in place to help you insure the survey template is adjusted properly to fit your Shopify Theme.

Disclaimer pop-up

This is an optional feature that is displayed to backers before leaving the survey page. The color and styling for this pop-up are inherited from the first welcome message pop-up. The disclaimer pop-up can be used to provide backers with details relevant to your project and/or store. Some examples of its are: reminding backers that delivery times are estimates, tell backers they will be charged for add-ons at checkout, etc.

Rewards section

I - Enable/disable the quantity option for backers. Quantity option is disabled by default, but may be enabled if useful to your survey strategy.

J - Show product price is disabled by default since backers can get confused when seeing a price for an item that they have pledged for.

K - You can choose to display your variants with a dropdown menu or selector boxes.

Product quick view pop-up

The 'More Detail' link can be used to display additional images and description for the product that, for optimization purposes, cannot be displayed on the main survey page.

Special offer

The special offer section is used to provide a distinct separation of the Reward and Add-on items. You can use the functions within this function to promote your items or simply remove this section by deleting the text for each element.

L - Use this heading to call attention to the add-on items you are promoting. Erasing this text will show a blank heading.

M - The left button will advance the backer to the next section. Removing this text will remove this button.

N - The right button will advance the customer to the disclaimer (if enabled), the widget page (if enabled), or on to checkout. Removing this text will remove the button.

Add-on section

O - Optional text available for promoting backer exclusive offers. Removing text will leave this space blank.

P - Use spacing to improve the appearance of the survey template within your Shopify theme.

Q - The product display options available for the add-on section are:

        - List with variant boxes

        - List with dropdown variants

        - Grid with variant boxes

        - Grid with dropdown menus

R - Use spacing to improve the appearance of the add-on product listings within the survey template.


S - Backers are taken to complete checkout following the survey page by default. You can choose to direct backers to the Crowd Control widget page (or truthfully any other page you want, so long as you have a way to guide backers back to checkout.)

T - The default URL for the Crowd Control widget page is You can change this URL via the Online Store page on your admin dashboard, just be sure to update the link here as well. Customize the Crowd Control widget page here.

U - Change the button text to accommodate your survey flow.


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