Crowd Control is an advanced Shopify tool that, like an online store, requires setup to function correctly. The checklist below can be used to guide the process and confirm that all steps have been completed.

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Before starting setup, please confirm you meet the minimum requirements for Crowd Control.

Step 1: Create a new project in the app

Each crowdfunding campaign should have its own project within Crowd Control. Backer data should not be imported into the app until 14-days after the close of a campaign.

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Step 2: Create survey products

Create product listings on Shopify to reflect items offered to backers during a crowdfunding campaign and those available for purchase as add-ons. Items from a campaign should be labeled as product type: reward in a product listing's organization.

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Step 3: Create survey collections

All pledge levels should be represented as unique collections on Shopify featuring a relevant product assortment and using a survey template. Pledge levels offering similar products are commonly combined into a single collection for survey-use.

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Step 4: Customize the survey template

Specialized collection templates (survey templates) are used to guide backers through a branded survey experience and can be edited within the settings section of Shopify's theme editor.

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Step 5: Design survey notifications

Survey notifications customized can be customized for each project to deliver unique survey links to backers.

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Step 6: Create backer surveys

Create discount and/or gift card codes using specified product quantities combined with their associated price and shipping costs.

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Step 7: Post a project update before sending surveys

Send backers an update via Kickstarter/Indiegogo regarding survey details to aid backers with survey completion.

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Step 8: Send surveys

Initiate survey delivery to backers according to their pledge level.

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