There are four essential steps to creating backer surveys. A summary of these steps can be found below with more detailed information available in the following pages.

Rewards & perks

  • Products to be used in surveys must first be created in Shopify.
  • Items that were pledged for must be labeled as product type: reward.
  • Survey products must have a cost.
  • A weight is recommended to assist with shipping.


  • Any product can be offered as an add-on.
  • Add-on items do not require any special labeling.
  • Rewards can be offered as add-ons by adding the tag: upsell.


  • A different collection should be created for all pledge levels needing surveys.
  • Relevant reward and add-on products should be included in each collection based on the pledge level.
  • All survey collections should use a Crowd Control survey collection template.


  • Survey templates can be customized via the theme customization settings for a store.
  • Most projects only use a single survey template (A, B, or C) for surveys for all pledge levels.