Shopify subscription

Crowd Control is exclusively available on Shopify. You can sign up for Shopify now if you do not already have an existing account. Crowd Control typically requires the Shopify plan ($79/mo) for access to all features. However, due to COVID-19, this is not currently required and Crowd Control is available for all stores.  

Gift cards

Gift cards must be enabled before you begin creating surveys on Crowd Control. 


Survey credits and experiences are dependent on your store’s shipping settings. Any shipping cost associated with a survey product must be paid  either by a Crowd Control provided shipping credit or by backers during checkout. Likewise, if a survey product has free shipping on your store then it will have free shipping for backers. These principles apply for both reward and add-on items.


While it is possible to create unique shipping costs using unique parameters for survey-related products, we recommend your store’s default shipping settings using common practices.


Backer surveys must operate within one of the following experiences defined by your store’s shipping settings:

1) Flat-rate shipping credit

Backers receive a fixed-credit equal to the shipping costs defined by your store. Gift card-based surveys must be used for this experience and cannot use carrier-calculated rates.



Product A costs $50 + $10 shipping. Backers will be given a $60 credit to complete checkout for Product A.


Example w/ add-ons

A backer purchases a second Product A and shipping is increased to $20 for the order. Their cart would look like the following:

Product A x 2 ($100) + $20 shipping - $60 survey credit = $60 owed

2) Backers pay for shipping at checkout

If using discount-based surveys, either flat-rate or carrier-calculated rates can be used. In general, if using gift card-based surveys, only carrier-calculated rates should be used to have backers pay for shipping. However, it is technically possible to have backers pay a flat-rate shipping cost (see more).

3) Free shipping for reward items, paid shipping for add-ons

This method is generally only compatible with discount-based surveys using a strategic free shipping method.

4) Free shipping

Method is compatible with both discount- and gift card-based surveys and should not be dependent on a free shipping discount code.


Shipping rates should not be changed during survey use. Survey credits are not dynamic and do not update after survey creation.