Any product listing on Shopify can be offered as an add-on purchase during a backer's survey.

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Special pricing


In general, no special configuration is required for including add-ons in surveys. Add-on items should not use the product type: reward label as this detail is strictly reserved for reward functionality.

Rewards offered as add-ons

Reward items can be made available for purchase as an add-on by using the tag 'upsell'. Adding this tag to the details of a product used as a reward replicates the display of the product in the add-on section of a survey.

Special pricing

There two possible ways to provide backers with special pricing for add-ons during their survey: 1) use duplicate products and 2) through backer-only discount codes. Both strategies have limitations and should be used with care.

Duplicate products

Creating a duplicate product with a lower price is one way to provide a discount for add-on items to backers. As previously mentioned with rewards, while it is possible to decrease the accessibility to such products, totally restricting the purchase of a product to backers-only is not possible at this time.

All product details are copied over when creating a duplicate product. As such, a duplicate product will appear in the same collections as the parent product by default. Take care to ensure duplicate products created for surveys are only visible through survey collections.

Backer-only discount codes

Creating a discount code that can only be used by backers is one way to provide an exclusive discount on add-on items during surveys. There are multiple ways that discounts can be applied to add-ons using customer eligibility and automatic discounts. 

Discounts can only be offered when using gift card-based surveys. Discount-based surveys are not compatible with additional discounts as it is not possible to apply multiple discount codes at checkout within Shopify.

The following outlines one way for an exclusive discount to be created using customer eligibility conditions:

  1. Download Shopify's customer import template.
  2. Add backer emails to the template.
  3. Add a tag to all backers in column Q (this tag will be used for grouping the customers together).
  4. Import the backer/customer csv into Shopify.
  5. Use the filters on the Customers page in Shopify to filter for the specified tag, click 'save search' to name and save the customer group.
  6. An exclusive discount can now be created for this customer group using the customer eligibility feature.
  7. Share the discount with backers via a Kickstarter/Indiegogo update or strategically place it on the survey page.


Backer-only discount codes should be used with care. Such discount codes should not apply towards reward items as this would provide backers with an excess survey credit that would apply towards an add-on purchase.