Creating products on Shopify for use in surveys is easy. We've outlined our essential product details below to get you started. If you fee like you need some extra help, then keep reading for a more in-depth guide on using products for perks and rewards.

Quick tips

  • A product listing is required on Shopify for use with backer surveys.
  • Products must be identified as product type 'Reward' for use when creating surveys (does not apply to add-on products.)
  • All products need a price. Crowd Control gives a credit equal to the product value on Shopify, it does not give a free product.
  • Photos should all use the same dimensions (e.g. 700x700 pixels.)
  • Charging taxes on a reward is up to you (or your local government.)

More details

The only requirement Crowd Control has for reward items is how they are identified. Each product that is offered as a reward needs to be labeled as ‘reward’ under Organization > Product type. This specification allows Crowd Control to identify the product for survey placement.


Product titles for reward items can be a simple way for you to distinguish rewards, add-ons, and regular items. Crowd Control also includes the reward product title in survey notifications (this detail can be edited during survey creation.)


Survey templates show one image per product to provide a streamlined user experience. Additional photos added to an item can be viewed by clicking the ‘more details’ link on the survey page.

Variant product photos will be displayed when backers select a variant.

All images should use the same dimensions.


The survey template shows a limited amount of text by default to provide a cleaner user experience. Additional text can be viewed by backers by clicking the ‘more details’ link on the survey. We recommend including the most relevant information to backers for reward products. Backers have already pledged for their rewards and do not need to be sold on it again.

You can control what text is shown by default and which text is shown in a ‘more details’ pop-up with some simple coding. Using code view for the product description, place <!--details--> between the text that you would like to separate. Text above <!--details--> is shown by default with text below <!--details--> being shown via the ‘more details’ pop-up. 

Code view is accessed by clicking the < > button in the type right of the description editor.


Reward items should be priced as if a regular customer were actually buying the item. Crowd Control does not require that a reward price be equal to the pledge amount of a backer. Creating actual backer surveys in Crowd Control matches a product value to a backer and subtracts that value from their cart at checkout.


Reward A sells for $50 on your store.

Backer Jon pledged for 1 x Reward A.

Crowd Control applies a $50 credit for to Backer Jon’s cart during survey checkout.

This example is true regardless of what Backer Jon pledged.

Early-bird pricing

Crowd Control cannot completely restrict access to certain products on Shopify at this time. Products created for backer surveys are technically available to anyone else to find and purchase. For this reason we do not recommend creating reward products with different product pricing for early-bird and regular pledge levels.

Enhanced customer and pricing control are coming soon to Crowd Control.


Shipping weight

Products used as rewards should include their actual shipping weights. Whether you are shipping rewards directly from Shopify, using a service like ShipStation, or third-party logistics company, the reward product weight will be used to calculate shipping costs during fulfillment.


Strategies for tracking inventory and identifying products at the time of shipping can be entirely dependent on how you will be handling fulfillment (by you or by a third-party service.) SKUs are a useful system for both.

A SKU is an arbitrary code of letters and/or numbers assigned to each variation of a product. If a shoe comes in eight sizes and one color then each size needs a unique SKU, totaling 8 unique SKUs. If a shoe comes has three color options for all eight sizes then you would need 24 unique SKUs.


We do not recommend charging taxes on reward items. Charging taxes on rewards is unnecessary and would require all backers to enter a payment method at checkout where taxes are applicable.

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