Discounts are a great way to drive sales for your online store but there are times when it is necessary to control how a discount is used. You can easily specify the products that a discount applies to on Shopify, but restricting/omitting the products eligible for discounts requires a little strategy.

Follow these steps to ensure a product that you don't want to be discounted is ineligible for such discounts.

Step 1: Create a new collection (we'll call ours "eligible discount")

Step 2: Under Sales channel > Manage, disable the collection from showing on your store

Step 3: Add the products that you want to be eligible for discounts and none that you don't

Now when you create a discount for "all" your products, you can have it apply to only the products within the eligible collection, excluding the products you don't want to be discounted while not having to remove them from displaying in somewhere like collections/all.

Why would you ever want to do this? Some scenarios where we wouldn't want to further discount an item include:
- Rewards/add-ons

- Black Friday deals

- Pre-order items

This may not seem relevant to you if you're just getting started, but trust us, you'll be happy to have such controls in place so your 50% off Black Friday deal doesn't become a surprise 70% off Black Friday deal.