Shopify subscription

Crowd Control is exclusively available on Shopify. You can sign up for Shopify now if you do not already have an existing account. Crowd Control requires the Shopify plan ($79/mo) to function. We recommend maintaining this plan for the duration of app use. This plan is not essential until you start creating surveys on Crowd Control

Gift cards

Gift cards must be enabled before you begin creating surveys on Crowd Control. 


Crowd Control requires pre-defined shipping fees, or shipping zones, on Shopify and cannot function with carrier-calculated rates (the default shipping for new stores.) Crowd Control subtracts a known shipping cost from a backer's cart at checkout to ensure they are only charged for appropriate fees (add-ons or additional shipping.) These shipping costs are calculated using your store's shipping zones. 

You can have shipping rates that are based on product price and/or weight, but they must be a fixed rate.


$10 US Shipping up to 2 lbs

$15 US Shipping over 2 lbs

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Applicable shipping rates should not be changed while using Crowd Control.

To charge more precise shipping fees for add-ons, consider giving reward items a weight of 0 lbs/kgs and use a weight-based shipping rate of $0 for items with no weight.


The MailChimp for Shopify app currently interferes with Crowd Control functions. If using the pop-up newsletter form from this app, you must either disable it or delay when it is displayed. Our recommendation is to display on exit. The Crowd Control survey can freeze for backers when the MailChimp pop-up is shown to backers.